Services Offered

  • Individual Counseling/Psychotherapy (Psychoanalytic Self Psychology)
  • Imago Relationship Therapy for Couples
  • Individual and Group Dance/Movement Therapy
  • Couples Groups
  • Pre-Marital Counseling for Couples
  • Supervision/Consultation

How I can help?
You may find my services helpful if you are experiencing…

  • Difficulties/transitions in your personal life
  • Difficulties in your relationships
  • Feelings of grief, self-doubt, anxiety, loneliness, meaninglessness
  • Body issues: body image, stress, intimacy difficulties
  • Gay/Lesbian issues

"If relationships constitute the core of well-being and vitality, as I suggest here, empathy can be seen as the connective tissue of relationships and empathic breaks as lacerations. Empathy and its accompanying sense of connection bring about a cohesive centered firmness of the self; empathic breaks and disconnection lead to the self's enfeeblement and fragmentation. This inner cohesiveness, which enables one to "hold" one's own reality, is a reflection of the connection within the relationship; that connection, in turn, depends on the empathic milieu." Randall C. Mason (1996). Imago, Relationships, and Empathy. The Journal of Imago RelationshipTherapy, 1(2).


Where to find me

The Center for Religion and Psychotherapy of Chicago is located at the corner of Washington St. and Michigan Ave.
Enter at 30 N. Michigan or 77 E. Washington St.
 Take the elevator to the 19th floor, suite 1920.

Parking: Grant Park North Garage.

For more information call 312-263-4368 x9222

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Psychoanalytic Self Psychology developed by Heinz Kohut asserts that one's real or true self develops in an affirming, supportive and validating milieu and that connection with an empathic human environment or other is as essential to human psychological existence as is oxygen. In psychotherapy from a Self Psychological perspective the therapist and client embark on a journey together to explore and understand the client's inner experience. The outcome of such a journey is usually a new place or experience of acceptance and empathy for one's self and for others.
Center for Religion and Psychotherapy:

Imago Relationship Therapy was developed by Harville Hendrix who wrote the best selling guide for couples entitled Getting the Love You Want. IRT helps a couple to develop greater understanding of each other. It provides tools for safe communication and helps each partner discover his or her barriers to intimacy. The nonverbal aspects of communication such as facial expression, eye contact, tone of voice, bodily movement, and timing of responses are crucial to the experience of connection or connectional disturbance. In couples therapy the partners develop skills in verbal and non-verbal attunement as a means of facilitating empathic connection. Imago Relationship therapy fosters conscious, intentional relating and uses committed partnership as a structure for healing, wholeness and growth. Imago Relationship Therapy: or Chicago

Dance/Movement Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that utilizes the experience of the body and movement expression, as well as verbal expression. Dance/Movement therapy viewed from within a psychoanalytic/self-psychological framework asks the question, "What is the experience of the body or of movement, and what is the meaning of that experience for the person?" Dance/movement therapists are trained to focus not only on the client's verbal response, but also on the client's non-verbal response, as a means of understanding the essence of the client's world. Non-verbal expression, like verbal expression, is a function of the person's intrapyschic, interpersonal, intersubjective, and cultural realms of experiencing. The therapists' empathic response, through words and/or movement, enables clients to become aware of and appreciative of the meaning of their body/movement experience.
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