About Workshops

Margaret encourages all couples to attend a Getting the Love You Want couples workshop.   See the international schedule at www.gettingtheloveyouwant.com


Who should attend?
This workshop is for you if you . . .

  • Want to enrich a good relationship
  • Are beginning a relationship you want to keep
  • Are in a difficult relationship or are near break-up or divorce

A Couples Workshop is an intensive week-end workshop for couples of all ages - married and unmarried. Using a format designed by Harville Hendrix, author of best-sellers Getting the Love You Want - A Guide for Couples, and Keeping the Love You Find - A Guide for Singles, the workshops include lectures, communication exercises and opportunities to practice new skills in private with your partner. (Couples do not have to share personal issues with the larger group.)

What you will work on

  • Developing greater compassion and understanding of each other
  • Gaining new skills for more effective communication around difficult issues
  • Methods for re-romanticizing your relationship
  • Building a safe and nurturing partnership with a shared vision for the present and future of your relationship

Continuing Education Credit for Therapists
Professional social workers (LCSW), licensed professional counselors (LPC) and licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT) can earn 18 CEUs for attendance and participation in a "Getting the Love You Want" Couples Workshop.

Other Workshops presented by Margaret L. Mason

Tune into Your Partner – Tune Up Your Relationship.  

This workshop is designed to expand and enrich relationships through the sharing of "felt moments", i.e. through a mutual sense of feeling understood.  Research shows that the need for nonverbal attunement persists throughout life.  Through structured nonverbal experiences partners will enhance their ability to attune, communicate and collaborate, thus facilitating a greater sense of connection and closeness.   (This workshop is based on the cutting edge work of Daniel Siegel, The Developing Mind: Toward a Neurobiology of Interpersonal Experience and Daniel Stern, The Present Moment in Psychotherapy and Everyday Life.

Schedule & Fees
Contact Margaret to get the latest schedule and fees